ALMA/Herschel Archival Workshop 2015

Published: 13 Nov 2014
Herschel + ALMA

ESO Headquarters, Garching, Germany, 15–17 April 2015

All Herschel science data, and some user-provided data products, are publicly available through the Herschel Science Archive. Meanwhile, the ALMA Science Archive is being populated with observations from the first three Cycles, with more data released daily. The higher frequency ALMA bands overlap with the lower frequency Herschel bands, and, despite the huge difference in spatial resolution, Herschel sources provide ideal targets for ALMA follow-up. In order to explore the full potential of both archives, archival users need to be aware of the contents and differences.

The workshop will focus on ALMA/Herschel scientific synergies and archival research with both archives. Mutual awareness of Herschel and ALMA data archive contents will be promoted by: examples of science cases based on the combined use of Herschel and ALMA data, covering a broad range of astrophysical topics; the exploration, access and visualization of Herschel and ALMA data products, including quick look data analysis tools; and assistance to users in the preparation of Cycle 3 ALMA proposals based on existing Herschel data.

Full details can be found on the workshop webpage. The deadline for oral presentations is 15 March 2015, and 31 March 2015 for participants. Further details are available by email.