ESO GOODS Data Products Now Entirely Served by Phase 3

Published: 15 Dec 2014

The ESO GOODS advanced data products are now available via the Science Data Product query forms of the ESO Archive Facility.

The ESO-GOODS project consisted of a number of observing campaigns in the CDFS field (in particular in the GOODS-South central region), primarily with the VLT, designed to complement the HST GOODS programme. The VLT campaign included:

  • deep near IR coverage of the GOODS region in the JHK bands with ISAAC
  • very deep U-band imaging of the entire CDFS area with VIMOS
  • an extensive spectroscopic campaign with FORS2 and VIMOS, which has yielded ~2700 secure source redshifts.

The data were migrated to be compliant to the ESO standard regarding format and header keywords requirements, and ingested into the ESO Science Archive Facility via the Phase 3 infrastructure. This migration enhanced the value of these products by adding useful information in the headers of the files. Furthermore the three associated catalogues (two for spectroscopic redshift and one photometric) are also accessible via the Catalogue facility query interface.