ESO-GOODS Spectroscopy

The spectroscopic campaign of ESO-GOODS was carried out with FORS2 and VIMOS on the VLT. Final yields are given in the Table below, as detailed in related publications. Note that redshifts were assigned quality flags depending on their reliability: A (solid redshift), B (likely redshift), and C (potential redshift).

In addition to ESO-GOODS, all publicly available redshifts and spectra in the CDFS have been collected into a Spectroscopy Master Catalog


ESO-GOODS Spectroscopy

Campaign Spectra Targets Unique
A redshifts
A+B redshifts
C redshifts Stars
FORS2 1715 1225 476 668 197 27
VIMOS LB 3634 3271 777 1279 795 93
VIMOS MR 1418 1294 572 749 136 30


Field layout target distribution of ESO-GOODS targets

Spatial distribution of sources from the whole (LR-Blue plus MR grism) GOODS/VIMOS spectroscopic campaign (red circles) over the ESO-WFI R-band image. The contours outline the area of the 2 Ms exposure of the CDFS and the GOODS-S field [click on the image to see high resolution figure].

Spatial distribution in the GOODS-S field of the FORS2 spectroscopic catalog [click on the image to see high resolution figure].


Redshift distribution of CDFS sources

Cone diagram - linear in redshift Cone diagram - linear in look-back time

Cone diagrams showing two projections of the spatial distribution of galaxies along redshift or look-back time axes from all publicly available redshifts in the CDFS. Different spectroscopic surveys are color-coded. The dashed and dotted lines indicate the approximate size of the 2Ms CDFS and the GOODS area, respectively (from Balestra et al. 2010). Only reliable redshifts are considered here (3888 after removing duplicates and stars, 2456 from ESO-GOODS, 1432 from other surveys) [click on the images to see high resolution figure].

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