This release of CRIRES Commissioning data contains a total of 45 files. They have been obtained during commissioning #1 in June 2006. CRIRES was then not yet fully focused and the data from the 4 spectrograph detectors have been written as one fits file with dimensions 4096x512 pix, while in the final format each detector is FITS extension. For object identification, the telescope coordinates in the headers have to be employed. The wavelength calibration is, within ~1000 pixels, identical to the present standard setups of CRIRES as described in the CRIRES ETC. More information can be provided by the commissioning team, which can be contacted via Ulli Käufl.

The list of the files from the Commissioning #1 consists of the following targets:

  • Ant Nebula (Mz-3) [Order 36; λ 1556 nm]
  • HD 122757 [Order 36; λ 1556 nm]
  • HD 167362 [Order 36; λ 1556 nm]
  • HIP104 [λ ~1390 - 1560 nm]
  • HR6446
  • CAL162



By clicking on the following links, the Commissioning files can be downloaded from the ESO archive:


If any of these data are used in a scientific publication, credit should be given to ESO and to the CRIRES commissioning team. The CRIRES instrment is built by ESO. Publications based on data obtained with the CRIRES instrument should quote the following reference paper: Käufl, H.U. et al. 2004, SPIE, 5492, 1218. More details can be found on the CRIRES web pages.