MIDI Science Demonstration Data

MIDI Science Demonstration activities of the VLTI with the Unit Telescopes have been ongoing since June 2003. A complete technical description of the MIDI instrument can be found at  the MIDI instrument page. A technical description of the complete VLT Interferometer can be found at VLTI Interferometer pages. A number of astronomical targets from various object classes have been observed in the framework of the Science Demonstration Time.

The data are available directly on the ESO web. Access to these data is restricted to astronomers in the ESO member countries that are registered users of the ESO Science Archive Facility (register here: http://archive.eso.org/register/new). ESO welcomes community feedback on any aspect of the reduction, analysis and interpretation of these data.

The MIDI data are stored as FITS binary tables described in this document and can be visualised with the CFITSIO Interactive FITS File Editor. If these data are used for publications, please acknowledge that the results are based on public data released from the VLTI observing with MIDI.

Please note that these data have not been fully validated. Highlights of the science possible with some of these data have been described in the VLTI dedicated press releases and Science with the VLTI page.

  1. MIDI SD1 and SD2/NGC1068
  2. MIDI SD1/AGB Starts (RR Sco)
  3. MIDI SD1/Herbig AeBe
  4. MIDI SD1/Alpha Ara
  5. MIDI Eta Car (Archive query, 25.06.2004)
  6. OH26.5+0.6 (Archive query, 25.06.2004)
  7. MIDI SD3/AGB Stars (RX Pup and )
  8. MIDI SD3/Red Giant Stars (Psi Phe)
  9. MIDI SD3/RR Tel
  10. MIDI SD3/Mira
  11. MIDI SD/Asteroids
  12. MIDI SD/SXCen_HD52961