Submillimetre APEX Bolometer Camera Science Verification

The Submillimetre APEX Bolometer Camera (SABOCA), a 39-channel bolometer array operating at 350 micron, will be commissioned on the APEX 12m telescope on Chajnantor in September 2008. ESO has invited short proposals for science verification from the ESO community with a deadline of 15 September 2008. These proposals are currently being evaluated. All observations will be performed in service mode by the local APEX staff. The full text of the ESO call for science verification is available here.

Useful Links


  • Official SABOCA website at MPIfR
  • SABOCA Observing Time Calculator
  • APEX home page
  • Alternative LABOCA reduction software minicrush version 1.05-3 with installation instructions and recent changes. The functionality of minicrush is now incorporated into CHUSH-2 (courtesy of Attila Kovacs, University of Minnesota).