Data Format Specification for APEX Sub-millimetre Sky Maps and LESS Phase 3 Data Release

Published: 24 Apr 2015

Phase 3 allows users to return their reduced data for publication via the ESO Science Archive Facility. The Phase 3 data format specifications and Phase 3 validator have now been extended to astrometrically registered and flux calibrated sky maps in the submillimetre domain. This format is relevant to the Phase 3 data release for the LESS extra-galactic submillimetre survey.

The Phase 3 data format specification for submillimetre sky maps is applicable, in particular, to observations using the bolometer arrays LABOCA and ARTEMIS at the APEX 12-metre telescope, in addition to images and spectra in the optical to near-infrared regime covered so far in Phase 3. APEX users who produce sky maps as part of their projects are now strongly encouraged to submit their reduced data via Phase 3. Please consult the format specification for APEX sub-millimetre sky maps here.

As an example, interested users can now access and download the Phase 3 compliant products from the LABOCA Extended Chandra Deep Field South (ECDFS) Submillimetre Survey (LESS; P.I. I. Smail), which is a public legacy survey of the ECDFS at 870 μm using the APEX LABOCA camera. More information on this data release is available.