Revised Acknowledgement for Publications Based on ESO Data

Published: 29 Feb 2016
ESO telbib statistics 1996 - 2015

When findings based on ESO data are published, acknowledgement is requested through a specific statement, to be found here. In order to provide an acknowledgement which authors can easily cut and paste into their manuscripts, this statement has recently been revised and shortened to:

    "Based on observations collected at the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere under ESO programme(s) PPP.C-NNNN(R)."

Authors should substitute the place-holder PPP.C-NNNN(R) with the programme ID(s) of the data used, e.g., 094.A-1234(A). The identifier can be found in the FITS header of the observations. Please add this acknowledgement to your future papers which are based on ESO data, regardless of whether these are new observations using proprietary data or data obtained from the ESO Science Archive. This requirement takes effect from Period 98 (beginning 1 October 2016).

The ESO Library routinely screens refereed astronomy journals in order to retrieve papers using ESO observational data. These are collected in the ESO telescope bibliography (telbib). Records in telbib provide links to the observations in the Science Archive from where data can be requested. Specific statistics are presented in “Basic ESO Publication Statistics”. Further reports and information can be found here.