ESO Period 98 Proposal Submission Statistics

Published: 06 Apr 2016
VISTA by night

The Call for Proposals for ESO Period 98 (1 October 2016 – 31 March 2017) closed on 31 March 2016. A total of 901 proposals were received, a significant drop with respect to Period 97 and returning to the levels of Periods 91–94. Included were also 26 proposals for Large Programmes and 7 for Public Surveys.

The most requested instrument was again HARPS on the ESO 3.6m, with 329 nights; on the VLT, X-shooter was the most requested with 255 nights, followed by FORS2 and MUSE with 231 and 229 nights, respectively. The percentages of submitted proposals across science categories were: Cosmology 23%; Galaxies & Galactic Nuclei 16%; ISM, Star Formation & Planetary Systems 30%; Stellar Evolution 31%. For the first time, the request for Service Mode exceeded 80%.

The proposals will be reviewed by the Observing Programmes Committee, which meets in May. Proposers will be informed of the outcome of the review process in early July.