First Dual Band Light with ArTéMiS at APEX

Published: 14 Jun 2016
ArTeMiS images of Sgr B2

The upgraded version of the ArTéMiS instrument was successfully installed at APEX between 25 May and 1 June 2016. The bolometer camera can now observe simultaneously at 350μm and 450μm. Despite mediocre weather conditions, with a precipitable water vapour around 1.5mm, ArTéMiS successfully obtained first light images on the molecular cloud Sgr B2 near the Galactic Centre. The commissioning of the instrument will continue with the aim to offer the dual band capabilities in the Period 99 Call for Proposals (observing Apr.–Sep. 2017).


The figure compares the pair of ArTéMiS 350μm and 450μm images of the Sgr B2 molecular cloud, situated in the Galactic Plane close to the Galactic Centre, with the same region in an infrared – sub-mm colour composite at lower spatial resolution.