Phase 2 for Observing Period 99

Published: 22 Dec 2016
VLT UT4 and 4 lasers

The allocation of ESO telescope time for Period 99 (1 April – 30 September 2017) is emailed today. With the release of the telescope schedule, preparation of Service Mode (SM) observations (Phase 2) starts. The deadline for the submission of the Phase 2 material for Period 99 observations is 9 February 2017.

Detailed information on Phase 2 observation preparation can be found here. The Phase 2 Proposal Preparation tool (P2PP version 3.4.2) released in 2015 is also valid for the preparation of SM observations for Paranal instruments in Period 99. Further assistance is available via email; please include the Programme ID in the subject line.

The User Support Department list of Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to some of the most common inquiries related to the preparation of Service Mode Observations.