Stellar Populations in Stellar Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies - New Astronomical and Astrophysical Challenges

Published: 19 Dec 2016
VISTA image of 47 Tuc (NGC 104)

Intra-Chile Workshop, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, 2–3 March 2017

Globular clusters are no longer a proxy for a single stellar population. High-precision photometric and spectroscopic observations have been revealing multiple generations in young and old massive clusters in the Milky Way and beyond. The workshop will bring together both observers and theoreticians who are trying to solve the question of how star clusters form and evolve, and the connection with their host galaxy.

Among the topics to be addressed at the workshop are: the relation between massive young clusters and globular clusters; the relation between stars in clusters and dwarf galaxies, and stars in the Galactic Halo and Bulge; the fraction of Galactic clusters formed in situ and those from dwarf galaxies captured by the Milky Way; using star clusters as tracers of the host galaxy chemical and dynamical evolution; the best instrumental complement to answer these questions.

This workshop is open to all astronomers and students, especially those in Chilean institutes. More details on the workshop webpage or by email. The abstract submission and registration deadline is 25 January 2017.