The Galaxy Ecosystem. Flow of Baryons Through Galaxies

Published: 21 Dec 2016
Gas inflow onto QSO 1549+19

ESO and Excellence Cluster Universe Workshop
ESO Headquarters, Garching Germany, 24–28 July 2017

The fate of a galaxy is governed by an intricate ballet of gas flows: the flow of cool gas into the system, the conversion of these baryons into stars, and the ejection of gas enriched with heavy elements. Determining what rules and mutually relates these three aspects still remains a critical and very complex problem in cosmology and is the core topic of this workshop.

The conference aims at addressing the following key topics: Phase 1 – the flow of cool gas (e.g., key observables; hot/cold accretion transition, galaxies as self regulated systems); Phase 2 – the conversion of baryons into stars (e.g., neutral and molecular content of galaxies, simulations of properties and evolution); Phase 3 – the ejection of gas (e.g., the inflow/outflow interplay and escape of material from galaxies).

Full details can be found on the workshop webpage or by email. The abstract deadline is 15 March 2017.

Image of quasar (QSO 1549+19) taken with Caltech's Cosmic Web Imager, showing surrounding gas (in blue) and direction of filamentary gas inflow. Credit: Christopher Martin, Robert Hurt.