New Features of the ESO Telescope Bibliography Database

Published: 12 Oct 2017

ESO's telescope bibliography telbib ( has been enhanced resulting in a number of new features. In particular, the updated interface provides more information about which data were used in a particular paper, and enables access to data products as well as raw data.

The new features are listed below:

  • Separate links for raw data and data products, which enable access to data products directly from telbib for the first time. The new version makes it clear whether data products were used in a paper, and also allows users to select the processing level they are interested in.
  • If data originated from a public survey, this is also now clearly indicated. For an example, see this link.
  • The display of data links in the detailed record view has also been revised. Programmes are now grouped by instruments to provide a cleaner layout in comparison with the previous sorting by programme ID.
  • Instrument names are now connected via an info icon to the respective instrument pages recently created by ePOD (e.g., the MUSE page). Soon, the ePOD instrument pages will implement links back to telbib in order to feature papers published with that facility.  
  • A new checkbox on the telbib search interface can be chosen to retrieve only papers that use (exclusively or partly) data obtained from the ESO Science Archive.
  • On the telbib backend (librarians interface) a refactoring project has been going on. Thanks to this project it will be possible to obtain more precise statistics than in the past.