Telbib Update

Published: 22 Nov 2018
Telbib webpages

ESO telescope bibliography (telbib) records were recently enhanced to provide more comprehensive access to data products in the ESO Science Archive. All telbib records are linked to raw data of the Programme IDs used in the research as before. In addition, the library has identified all programmes for which data products exist in the Archive. If data products are available, an additional link is displayed, providing direct access. A script is run regularly to identify new Programme IDs in telbib records for which data products have become available, as well as new data products for existing Programme IDs.  

Note that data product links are displayed regardless of the processing level (raw vs. reduced) of the data used by the authors. The Other tags area in telbib records displays one of the following three labels to indicate the data status of the paper:

  1. PI data — if all programmes were taken by the authors (i.e., for all programs overlap exists between the authors and the PI/CoIs).
  2. Archive only — if all programmes were taken from the Archive (i.e., none of the programmes show any overlap between authors and PI/CoIs).
  3. Archive and PI — if a mix of scenarios (1) and (2) applies.  

An example of a telbib record with links to raw data as well as data products, can be seen here. Please contact the Library team for further details.