First Data Release: Galaxy Clusters At Vircam (GCAV) VISTA Public Survey

Published: 29 Jan 2019
The distribution of the FWHM of the PSF and limiting magnitude depths for GCAV DR1

Galaxy Clusters At Vircam (GCAV) is a survey belonging to the second cycle of ESO VISTA Public Surveys. It is aimed at observing 20 clusters of galaxies covering ~30 square degrees in total, in the infrared YJKs bands. It will mainly explore galaxy evolution over a large and largely unexplored, diverse range of cluster environments. The first data release (DR1) concerns nine clusters and contains tile images and related source lists from data collected between October 2016 and September 2017. Observations were completed for two clusters, RXCJ1514.9-1523 and RXCJ2129.6+0005, in Periods 98 and 99; for these clusters DR1 also contains deep stacks in the YJKs filters as well as merged catalogues containing aperture matched photometry in these filter bands. Data files and sky coverage can be explored via the Science Portal. The accompanying release documentation has more information.