Data Release: Deep MUSE IFU Observations of Nearby Edge-On Galaxies

Published: 06 Oct 2019

Deep IFU data cubes are now released for a sample of eight nearby edge-on galaxies: ESO 157-49, ESO 443-21, ESO 469-15, ESO 544-27, IC 217, IC 1553, PGC 28308 and PGC 30591. These galaxies were observed with the Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) integral field unit at the VLT with the aim of studying the formation mechanism of the thick discs in these objects. These deep science data cubes are characterised by long exposure times, typically three hours, and careful removal of the sky background from the target exposures rather than offset skies. 

Raw data cubes were processed using the MUSE pipeline version 2.2, with typical 5-sigma sensitivities in the final reduced cubes reaching point-sources as faint as 25 magnitudes in AB. More information on the reduction and calibration process are available in the release description. These data were acquired by ESO Programmes 096.B-0054(A); 097.B-0041(A) (Principal Investigator: S. Comeron). Both deep data cubes and respective images are availble via the Science Portal and programmatically