Data Release: VISTA Public Survey VEILS DR1

Published: 04 Oct 2019

The VISTA Extragalactic Infrared Legacy Survey (VEILS) is one of the Cycle 2 VISTA Public Surveys. It is a deep J- and Ks-band transient and wide-field survey that has the following goals: understanding the epoch of reionisation, the build-up of massive galaxies, and constraining the cosmological equation of state using both Type 1a supernovae and AGN dust lag measurements. VEILS covers 9 square degrees of the extragalactic sky over 3 fields: XMM-LSS, CDFS and ELAIS-S1. This first data release (DR1) contains pawprint images (239 in J and 225 in Ks) and deep stacked pawprints (72 in total over the 3 cosmological fields), together with associated confidence maps and single-band J and Ks source lists. 

The breakdown of the number of epochs per pointing and band associated with each cosmological field is available in the release description document. Band-merged J and Ks cross-matched source lists for each of the 36 pairs are also provided in this data release.

The VEILS DR1 data products are available from the ESO Archive Science Portal or programmatically. More details about the release content can be found in the associated Phase 3 data release description. By accessing the VEILS DR1 products, the ESO community benefits from joint efforts by ESO, the PIs of the VISTA public survey projects and their collaborators, including CASU.