New Issue of The Messenger Online

Published: 14 Oct 2019

The latest edition of ESO's quarterly journal, The Messenger, is now available online. In issue 177 highlights include an article on the recent spectacular results from the Event Horizon Telescope and the role of ALMA in obtaining these as well as the future plans of the EHT consortium; read about ESO's recent Distributed Peer Review experiment – can it replace conventional Peer Review? Enjoy some spectacular images from the Total Solar Eclipse last July as witnessed by lucky visitors at La Silla and early results from science experiments conducted during totality. Also read about what the PHANGS surveys are uncovering about star formation in nearby galaxies using ESO and ALMA.

This issue also contains articles presenting the commissioning of NAOMI (New Adaptive Optics Module for Interferometry), a way to correct for tellurics in KMOS spectra, reports from ESO workshops, and it closes with a tribute to former ESO Director General Lodewijk Woltjer who sadly passed away in August.