Period 104: Change in UT Instrument Distributions at end of Period

Published: 25 Nov 2019

In order to balance the oversubscription rates between UTs, ESO will change the distribution of instruments on the UTs at the end of Period 104 relative to the one announced in the Call for Proposals. This affects X-shooter and VISIR in particular.

  1. X-shooter will be moved from UT2 to UT3. The last night of operation of X-shooter on UT2 is expected to be on March 1; it should be back in operations during the second half of March 2020 on UT3.
  2. In parallel, VISIR will be moved from UT4 to UT2. VISIR will be dismounted end of February 2020 with a start of operation end of March 2020 on UT2.

The distribution of instruments at the start of Period 105 will therefore be as follows: UT1: FORS2, KMOS; UT2: FLAMES, VISIR, UVES; UT3: SPHERE, XSHOOTER, with CRIRES+ in commissioning; UT4: HAWK-I, MUSE, where the Cassegrain focus will be adapted for the arrival of ERIS. Please check the news pages for X-shooter and VISIR for updates.