Paranal Update

Published: 17 Dec 2020
Paranal at sunrise

VIRCAM@VISTA started science operations on December 15th, bringing back all Paranal telescopes. The operational systems on Paranal are: FORS2@UT1, UVES@UT2, SPHERE & X-Shooter@UT3, MUSE@UT4 with AOF, ESPRESSO@ICCF, OmegaCAM@VST, VIRCAM@VISTA, Gravity/MATISSE/PIONIER @ VLTI.

More capabilities are expected to be added in the course of January: VLTI with the UTs, plus KMOS@UT1, FLAMES@UT2, and HAWK-I at UT4.

Frequent updates to the status and facilities available at La Silla Paranal can be found here.