New series of ESO Cosmic Duologues

Published: 25 Jan 2021

ESO is happy to announce the start of the new series of ESO Cosmic Duologues. Started in 2020, the ESO Cosmic Duologue series aim at covering the current state of some of the biggest questions in astronomy in a lively way. The program of the new events is now available on-line. The first event of 2021 will be entitled The Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis: Concordance or New Physics? and will take place on Tuesday 26 January at 3pm (Central European Time). For each duologue, ESO invites two speakers who will present in short, dynamic talks, their side on a challenging scientific subject, or on a topic related to the sociology of science. The duologues will be streamed live on the dedicated YouTube channel.  All astronomers are invited to remotely attend the talks. 

All attendees will be able to ask questions ahead of the event using a dedicated form, or during the event using e-mail and a live chat. All questions and comments will be reviewed and moderated by the Chair of the session and the organisers.

Please check the website for more details on the Cosmic Duologues. Alternatively you can contact the organisers via e-mail.