Call for Proposals for CRIRES Science Verification Observations

Published: 16 Jun 2021

The CRyogenic high-resolution InfraRed Echelle Spectrograph (CRIRES) has been upgraded to a cross-dispersed high-resolution infrared spectrograph. The upgraded CRIRES is now offered to the community for Science Verification (SV) for three or four nights in September 2021. All astronomers are invited to participate in this opportunity to obtain unique science with the upgraded CRIRES and thus to demonstrate its scientific capabilities. ESO encourages the community to submit highly challenging or risky science observations that will push CRIRES to its limits in order to better understand the performance parameter space and its envelope.

A call for proposals for CRIRES SV has been issued and the community is invited to submit proposals using the Phase 1 web interface.

The deadline for proposal submission is 7 July 2021, 12:00 CEST