A Decade of ESO Wide-field Imaging Surveys - Second Announcement

Published: 02 May 2023

The deadline for submission of abstracts has been postponed to Monday, 1st June 2023 and the organisers are welcoming contributed talks from researchers who have used ESO imaging survey datasets, but also broader community working on imaging surveys that put the legacy of VIRCAM and OmegaCAM surveys in perspective. Furthermore, the current list of invited speakers as well as the registration fees for in-person participants are now available on the workshop’s website.

With the end of VIRCAM@VISTA operations (first light June 2008, decommissioned March 2023) and OmegaCam@VST becoming a hosted telescope (first light Oct 2011, now managed by INAF), a decade of targeted wide-field imaging at ESO is coming to an end. Both instruments were largely dedicated to public imaging surveys, which have amassed a total of nearly 60,000 hours of telescope time. To commemorate these milestones, ESO organizes a 5-day workshop that reviews the legacy left by these instruments and summarizes the variety of scientific impact that these imaging surveys have on a wide range of research topics in astronomy, both in galactic and extra-galactic science.

The main goal of the workshop is to further advance science cases, create international collaborations among research groups and encourage new ideas from/within the community to enlarge the exploitation of the high-quality VIRCAM and OmegaCAM survey data and last but not least, to promote the usage of the archival data from these facilities. The synergy of the VIRCAM/OmegaCAM legacy with the new generation of wide-field imaging facilities and missions, e.g. Euclid, Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, LSST/VRO and others will be discussed.

  • Deadline for abstract submission: 1 June 2023 (note the extended deadline!)
  • Program release: Approx. mid-July  
  • Deadline for registration: 1 September 2023
  • Deadline for payment of the registration fee: 15 September 2023
  • Workshop dates: 16 - 20 October 2023

Current list of invited speakers

  • GCAV - Mario Nonino (INAF-Trieste, Italy)
  • VPHAS+ - Roberto Raddi (UPC, Barcelona, Spain)
  • VISIONS - Stefan Meingast (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • KIDS - Angus Wright (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
  • VVV/VVVx - Maren Hempel (UNAB, Chile)
  • VIKING - Alastair Edge (Durham, UK)
  • SHARKS - Helmut Dannerbauer (IAC, Spain)
  • VHS - Richard McMahon (Cambridge, UK)
  • VinRouge - Nial Tanvir (Leicester, UK)
  • WFAU/CASU - Nick Cross (WFAU, Edinburgh, UK)
  • VMC - Vincenzo Ripepi (INAF-Cagliari, Italy
  • UltraVISTA - Jim Dunlop (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh, UK)

More details on the workshop can be found at the conference website