ESO 40 Years Planetarium Show

The Anniversary Planetarium Show

On the occasion of ESO's 40th anniversary, the Association des planétariums de langue française (APFL) has produced, in collaboration with ESO, a new and exciting planetarium show about astronomical research and discoveries with ESO telescopes.

It is entitled "Mysteries of the Southern Sky" and will become available in French, German, English, Dutch, Spanish and possibly other languages. Until now, about 40 planetaria in France and other countries have signed up and will stage the show.

A list of the currently participating planetaria is given below. Information about when this programme will be shown may be found on the respective homepages, or via the email contacts indicated in this list (Word; in French).

Other interested planetaria may obtain more details directly from the "Association des planétariums de langue française", ulp-observatoire astronomique, 11 rue de l'université, F-67000 Strasbourg (Tel:+33 3 90 24 24 55; email:

List of Planetaria that will show "Mysteries of the Southern Sky"







  • Barcelona


  • Kreuzlingen