Science with ESO Telescopes

ESO telescopes provide the data for many results and breakthroughs in astronomy, and lead to a large number of scientific publications each year. Astronomers use these state-of-the-art observatories to study objects from within our Solar System to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

With two scientific papers being published every day, the ESO Observatories are in fact the most productive ground-based astronomical facilities in the world. The most remarkable of the science produced are showcased in ESO press releases as well as in the ESO Annual Report.


List of ESO's Top-10 discoveries


If you are interested in ESO-related scientific publications, you can:

In this section you will find a couple of examples of astronomical research based on data obtained with ESO telescopes and instruments:



The search for planets outside our Solar System

Visible Detections of Gravitational Wave Sources

The start of multi-messenger astronomy

A Black Hole at the Centre of our Galaxy


Gamma-Ray Bursts

One of the Most Energetic Phenomena in the Universe