ESO know-how available for use

From project to project, ESO develops in-house a vast array of technology that is incorporated into the ESO telescopes and their instruments. It is also common that useful know-how comes from ESO further developing technology already available beyond customary limits, or as a combined use of different existing technologies.  In 2004 ESO conducted a survey that collected a list of these know-how (read more) which are also available in many publications.

On an exceptional basis ESO protects the know-how it develops by applying for a patent. Currently ESO owns two patents:

  1. Narrow Band Fiber Raman Optical Amplifier (CAN Patent No 2711939; JAP Patent No 5337819; US Patent No 8773752B2; European Patent No 2081264B1). See relevant Messenger Article.

  2. Blackbody Calibration Standard for Submillimeter Frequency Range (CAN Patent No 2788199; JAP Patent No 5738813; US Patent No 9182298B2; European Patent Application No 11007146.1)

The above patents and associated know-how is available for licensing according to the terms of the ESO TT Policy. Should you be interested in using the know-how, please contact ESO at

ESO is proud if a technology or technique originally developed for ESO is used for other astronomy projects. The following non-exhaustive list shows a few examples.

For any questions regarding ESO technology transfer, contact