Swedish–ESO Submillimetre Telescope (decommissioned)

The Swedish–ESO Submillimetre Telescope (SEST) was built on behalf of the Swedish Natural Science Research Council (NFR) and ESO. It was the only large sub-millimetre telescope in the southern hemisphere at the time of first light. It is very similar to the IRAM telescopes on the Plateau de Bure in France. SEST was decommissioned in 2003, and is superseded by APEX, and ALMA, on Chajnantor.

Science goals

Star formation, molecular clouds.

Swedish–ESO Submillimetre Telescope

Name: Swedish–ESO Submillimetre Telescope
Site: La Silla
Altitude: 2375 m
Enclosure: Open air
Type: Sub-millimeter antenna
Optical design: Cassegrain antennna
Diameter. Primary M1: 15.0 m
Material. Primary M1: CFRP Aluminium
Diameter. Secondary M2: 1.5 m
Mount: Alt-Azimuth mount
First Light date: 24 March 1987
Decommissioning date: 2003
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