Outline of Terms of Services for Students within ESO Studentships

This is a summary of the principal conditions of service at ESO, according to the International Staff Rules and Regulations and other official announcements


Human Resources
January 2018

N.B. This outline is for general information only and has no legally binding value.

The EUROPEAN SOUTHERN OBSERVATORY has establishments which are located in:

Germany: Garching

Chile: La Silla, Paranal, Santiago, Antofagasta, Sequitor, OSF

The ESO studentship programme is opened to students enrolled in a Ph.D. programme in the ESO member states and in exceptional cases at university outside the ESO member states. It aims to provide opportunities and the facilites to enhance the post-graduate programmes of ESO member states universities by bringing young scientists into close contact with the instruments, activities, and people at one of the world's foremost observatories.

1. Duration of Studentship

The contract is for a fixed-term duration. The stay is between one and two years.

The contract is subject to a successful pre-employment medical examination.

2. Basic Stipend

Initial job grading is 52% of grade 6 step 0, i.e. EURO 1.830/month and as of the 2nd year 58% of grade 6 step 0, i.e. about EURO 2.041/month. No cost of living differential (between Santiago de Chile and the lead town Munich) applies on the remuneration of Students with duty station in Chile.

3. Allowances

Family allowances:

  • Household allowance for members of the personnel who are married or who are entitled to children's allowance: EURO 198,89 per month.
  • Children's allowance for each dependant child: EURO 298,34 per month.

4. Joining expenses

Newly appointed students are paid travel expenses for themselves and their families, as well as the cost of transporting up to 130 kg of luggage (and 30 kg for each dependent) by air freight from the airport of departure to the airport at destination.

5. Health Insurance scheme

The scheme provides for insurance of the Student and his family against medical expenses. The contribution of the Student, presently 4,34% of the basic remuneration (3,02% coverage for benefits in kind and 1,32% covering death and permanent disability) is subject to annual adjustments.

6. Salary during sickness

The remuneration continues to be paid during absences due to sickness, with certain limits.

7. Hours of work

The basic work schedule is 40 hours a week. Hours of work and working schedule may vary according to the duty station.

8. Leave

Annual leave entitlement is of 2.5 working days per month.

For students whose contract is extended for a second year, ESO reimburses the travel cost for a working visit trip to his/her home university. This trip is reserved for students only and not for their spouses.

9. Other information

For additional information, you may contact:


Human Resources
Karl-Schwarzschild-Straße 2
85748 Garching b. München / Germany
Phone: +49 89 320 06 217


Human Resources
Av. Alonso de Cordova 3107, comuna de Vitacura
Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 2 4633000