Broadcast Services

Video News Reels and Compilation Tapes

The ESO Department of Communication produces video footage in HD broadcast quality for TV productions and TV channels. The material is available for free download from our video archive as well as in the form of occastional Video News Reels, movies and Compilation Tapes. The footage is supplied electronically or per special request on Betacam-SP/PAL.

For questions related to the usage of ESO material please contact the Department of Communication.

Bona fide members of the press, as well as brodcasters may sign up here to receive the Media Newsletter, which contains ESO press releases sent  about 48 hours in advance of public dissemination, as well as latest videos and footage from ESO, available for use in documentaries, movies,  video news etc. For more information about this, please see the "ESO's advance notice system". After that, you can subscribe via this form.

Visit of TV crews at ESO Facilities

ESO is happy to welcome TV crews at its various facilities. For further details please contact

For further information on ESO broadcasting services please contact