CAPjournal 08

The June 2010 edition of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal includes the following:

  • Editorial
  • Explained in 60 Seconds and News
  • Broadcasting Astronomy: The Stars Meet on the Radio
  • Cosmic Revelation: Making Astroparticles Visible
  • When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer: From Natural Philosophy to Communicating the Cosmos
  • Exploring the Invisible Universe: A Tactile and Braille Exhibit of Astronomical Images
  • Reading About Science Communication
  • Robert Nemiroff: Communicating Astronomy 365 Days a Year
  • Astronomy on the High Seas
  • Astronomy in Newspapers: Evaluation A Hands-on Guide
  • Astronomy and Space Science in Portuguese Popular Newspapers at the End of the 20th Century
  • Visualising Astronomy: Let the Sun Shine In

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