ESO Movie 26: Science on Stage – Science for Humanity

During 21-25 November 2005, almost 500 science educators from twenty-seven countries across Europe and beyond met at CERN in Geneva to participate in the "Science on Stage" teaching festival.

The festival is an integral part of the European Science Teachers’ Initiative (ESTI), conducted by Europe's leading intergovernmental research organisations — CERN, EFDA, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF and ILL — that make up the EIROforum partnership. ESTI is also is part of the NUCLEUS science education programme with strong co-funding by the European Commission.

The ultimate goal of the Science on Stage programme is to stimulate innovative and attractive science teaching in Europe's schools. This is seen as a vital element in the effort to reverse the current decline in the number of young people that are prepared to pursue advanced degress and careers in science and technology.

To this end the Festival provided rich opportunities for discussion, exchange of ideas and best practice, networking and interaction with scientists, engaged in cutting edge science at Europe's leading research facilities.

This film presents highlights from the 2005 “Science on Stage” teaching festival, providing a superb example of how the EIROforum partnership contributes to fostering better science education in Europe.



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