Lunch Talks

Availability of the Presentations

Presentations are available on the pdm.

Lunch Talks in 2019

Speaker Date Time, Place Abstract
Dr. Yusuf Tillayev 12/02/2019 12:00, telescopium Auditorium Site Testing for the 4m telescope named after Ulugh Beg
Tim Butterley 4/02/2019 12:00, telescopium Auditorium Accuracy of MASS turbulence profile at Paranal


Lunch Talks in 2014-2018

Speaker Date Time, Place Abstract
Leonardo Blanco 4/12/2018 12:00, telescopium Auditorium LTAO simulations at LAM
Olivier Guyon 8/10/2018 12:00, telescopium Auditorium High Contrast Imaging R&D at the
Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics
Sylvain Oberti 11/07/2018 12:00, telescopium Auditorium A high spatial resolution mode for MUSE – Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics in the visible
Dr Liyong Liu 12/04/2018 12:00, Fornax council room On-sky closed loop correction of atmospheric dispersion for high-contrast coronagraphy and astrometry
Prashant Pathak 16/03/2018 12:00, eridanus auditorium
The 12-meter optical telescope and site in China
Sebastien Gautier 10/01/2018 12:00, telescopium Auditorium Introduction to Lattice Boltzmann Method for high fidelity fluid dynamics simulations
Taissir Heritier 20/12/2017 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Adaptive Optics calibration strategies in the ELT context
Julien Milli 14/12/2017 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium The Paranal astrometeo team: scope and on-going projects
Alexis Carlotti
6/12/2017 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium High-contrast imaging techniques today and in the ELT era
Jonatan Lehtonen 17/10/2017 12:00, Eridanus Auditorium Determining ground layer turbulence statistics using a SLODAR-type method
Jalo Nousiainen 16/10/2017 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Local neural networks and temporal control in AO
Frederic Vogt 1/08/2017 12:00, ESO Library Observational implications of laser-induced Raman scattering above Cerro Paranal
Sylvain Oberti 22/09/2016 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium AOF’s LTAO mode: system tests in Europe
Andrei Tokovinin 8/06/2016 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Atmospheric turbulence and resolution of ground-based telescopes
Elena Masciadri 17/03/2016 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium MOSE: A demonstrator for an automatic operational system for the optical turbulence forecast for ESO sites (Cerro Paranal and Cerro Armazones)
Matthias Schoeck 24/09/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Keck/TMT collaboration on segment warping studies
Mark Schürmann 27/07/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Protected Silver coatings for astronomical and space applications
Andres Guesalaga 22/7/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Atmospheric turbulence profilers
Markus Kasper 13/05/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Getting the SPHERE rolling
Johan Kolb 20/04/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Testing the AO Facility, Period 2/4, October 2014-February 2015: The GRAAL HAWK-I Mode
Gilles Orban de Xivry 18/03/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Commissioning progresses of ARGOS: the laser guide star ground-layer AO system at LBT
Nassim Seghouani 4/03/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium The National Aures Observatory: Scientific issues and Perspectives
Julian Christou 23/01/2015 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Adaptive Optics at the Large Binocular Telescope
Miska Le Louarn 16/12/2014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium An overview of wavefront reconstruction algorithms for future AO systems and their implications on RTCs
Vincent Hardy, Bertrand Charlet (ALPAO) 12/12/2014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium ALPAO deformable Mirrors: Applications, Characteristics and recent developments
Frank Marchis (IRIS AO) 11/12/2014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium IRIS AO MEMS Deformable Mirrors for Astronomy
J. Kolb 1/08/2014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Testing the AO Facility at ESO HQ. Period 1/4, February-June 2014: The GRAAL Maintenance and Commissioning Mode (second part)
J. Kolb 28/072014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Testing the AO Facility at ESO HQ. Period 1/4, February-June 2014: The GRAAL Maintenance and Commissioning Mode (first part)
R. Holzloehner 17/07/2014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Active optics in wide-field telescopes based on PSF elongation patterns
G. Rousset, R. Myers 6/06/2014 12:00, Telescopium Auditorium Field tests of elongated Sodium LGS wave-front sensing at the E-ELT scaleWavefront sensing using extremely elongated Sodium Laser Guide Stars
Jean-Francois Sauvage
11/03/2014 12:00, Auditorium, Telescopium Global performance of SAXO, the XAO system of SPHERE
Enrico Fedrigo
19/02/2014 12:00, Auditorium, Telescopium SPARTA
Elena Masciadri 27/01/2014 12:00, Auditorium MOSE: towards an operational flexible-scheduling of ground-based astronomical observations at ESO sites
Tim Butterley & Richard Wilson 14/01/2014 12:00, Auditorium The SLODAR optical turbulence profiler instrument at the Paranal Observatory



Lunchs talks in the period 2008-2013

Speaker Date Abstract  
Enrico Fedrigo & Ronny Ramlau 28/11/2013 Austrian InKind Contribution: Mathematical Algorithms and Software for E-ELT Adaptive Optics  
Andreas Obereder, Iuliia Shatokhina, Mykhaylo Yudytskiy 28/11/2013 CuReD, P-CuRed and FEWHA: three algorithms for SH-WFS, XAO with Pyramid WFS and MCAO, MOAO  
Gianluca Lombardi 4/11/2013 Defining reference atmospheric turbulence profiles for AO instruments performance simulation  
Aurea Garcia Rissmann 24/10/2013 Cn^2 profiler for the AOF  
Markus Kasper 17/10/2013 ELT Planet Finder roadmap  
Kevin Ezzo (Xinetics) 8/10/2013 PMN based Deformable Mirrors, A Manufacturer's Perspective  
Emmanuel Aller Carpentier 7/10/2013 IM de-Rotation algorithm and performance for NAOMI AO control  
Elise Vernet 25/09/2013 An Adaptive Secondary Deformable Mirror for UT4 – Optical tests  
Johann Kolb 16/09/2013 AOF acquisition sequence and calibration of AOF 2nd part  
Johann Kolb 4/07/2013 Calibration of the Adaptive Optics Facility in Garching  
Steffan Lewis
25/06/2013 PARLA commissioning results  
Andrew Rakich 19/06/13 Problematic of M2 alignments in telescope and Laser Trackers  
Enrico Marchetti 18/06/2013 ERIS AO system design  
Nicolas Muller 4/06/2013 Results of the MAD tests  
Y. Hayano 3/06/2013 Wide Field adaptive Optics and NIR instruments for Subaru Telescopes  
Robert Praus (president of MZA) 16/05/2013 Expertise of MZA and latest accomplishments  
Miska Le Louarn 07/05/2013 Potential of the Intel Xeon Phi for AO simulations  
Rainer Schoedel 30/04/2013 Holographic imaging of dense fields: an efficient; poor man's MCAO  
Paul Hickson 22/11/2012 High-resolution Lidar Studies of Mesospheric Sodium  
Aglae Kellerer 14/08/12 Solar adaptive optics: A general discussion  
Julien Girard 26/06/12 Adaptive Optics Activities in Chile  
Rodolphe Conan & Celine d'Orgeville 28/06/12 The Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics system of the Giant Magellan Telescope  
Yutaka Hayano 29/06/12 Overview on adaptive optics system at Subaru Telescope  
Nicolas Muller 7/02/2012 Wave Front Analysis with Laser Guide Stars on ELTs  
Markus Kasper 30/01/2012 High contrast imaging of Exo-Planets: theory and applications  
Luc Gilles, TMT 27/01/2012 TMT NFIRAOS: simulations and system description  
Gianluca Lombardi, ESO Paranal 25/01/2012 Seeing at Paranal  
Ron Holzloehner 15/12/11 Return Flux of Pulsed Sodium LGS -- an Overview  
Richard Wilson, University of Durham 12/12/11 The Paranal SLODAR Optical Turbulence Profiler  
Riccardo Muradore, University of Verona 29/11/11 Vibration rejection real-time algorithms for SPHERE, GRAAL & GALACSI  
Didier Fussen - Institut d'Aeronomie spatiale de Belgique 21/11/11 A global climatology of the mesopheric sodium layer from GOMOS data during the 2002-2008 period  
Roberto Ragazzoni 16/11/11 Adaptive Optics on ELTs using Natural Guide Stars on a wide field of view  
Domenico Bonaccini/ Ron Hoelzloehner 15/11/11 First Feed-back from the Wendelstein Experiment in OttoBeuren  
Marc Sarazin 18/10/11 Site monitoring for ELT and future plans  
Dimitri Mawet -Paranal 7/10/11 Using phase-mask coronagraphy in the Extreme-AO regime at Palomar to image exoplanets: lessons learned  
Morag Hastie -University of Arizona 13/09/11 MMT seconday Mirror results  
Pr. Curtis Menyuk 27/05/11 Solitons, Self-Induced Transparency, and Modelocking in Quantum Cascade Lasers  
Enrico Fedrigo 29/03/11 SPARTA and SPARTA2: review and perspectives  
Gerard Rousset 22/03/11 Results of Canary test (MOAO prototype)  
Robin Arsenault 15/03/11 MACAO VLTI Maintenance  
Simone Esposito 2/03/11 The First Light AO system (FLAO) commissioning at the LBT telescope  
Johann Kolb 01/03/11 Site Monitoring; summary of conference in Valparaiso  
E. Marchetti 15/02/11 New High strehl Instrument  
T. Pfrommer 8/02/11 Sodium layer variability measured with the UBC lidar  
Paola Amico 1/02/11 Laser etiquette: navigating your laser politely through telescope forests  
Natalia Yaitskova 25/01/11 Rolled edges and phasing of segmented telescopes  
E. Aller 14/12/10 NAOMI  
L. Feng 30/11/10 Multi-CPU WFS reconstruct  
Christina Loose 16/11/10 Electric Field Conjugation WF Correction  
C. Bechet 26/10/10 Online Update of Interaction Matrix parameters for the AOF  
J. Kolb 26/10/10 Pseudo-Synthetic Interaction Matrix Simulations  
E. Brunner 03/08/10 Principles to parallelize key-parts of FrIM (Fractal Iterative Method)  
E. Pinna 14/07/10 The first light results of the LBT first Adaptive Secondary mirror  
F. Vidal 23/03/10 Calibration, identification and learn & apply method  
R.Conan & O. Lardiere 2/03/10 The Victoria University LGS wavefront sensing testbed  
R. Karban 28/01/10 MBSE and its application for EELT TCS: background, Report from International Workshop 2010  
Lowell Tacconi-Garman (USD) & Jakob Vinther (PSD.) 28/01/10 The ETCs, AO database for ETCs, and observation preparation tools for AO  
Szymon Gladysz 23/11/09 Post-processing of High contrast observations of exoplanets  
Thomas Pfrommer 29/09/09 Measurements of profile variations of Mesospheric sodium layer  
A. Beghi 20/03/09 System Theoretic tools in Adaptive optics  
R. Holzloehner 4/12/08 Monte Carlo simulations of LGS return flux