Optical Detectors Manuals

CCDs and Testbench

  • Gas treatment of CCD Detectors on Paranal: Short Manual, issue 1.0 (Apr/20/2007) (as pdf-file, 650 kB)
  • CCD Surface Measuring Device - Manual
  • LabView Modules User Manual, issue 1D2 (Mar/05/2008) (as pdf-file, 3.7 MB)
  • New AO test-bench in lab 051: Assembly and Programming instructions, issue 1D2 (Oct/26/2007) (as pdf-file, 1.1 MB)
  • How to use the TESTBENCH - User Manual (Nov/12/2003) (as pdf-file, 5 MB)
  • TESTBENCH Software User Manual, issue 1.0 (Jun/07/2002) (as pdf-file, 15 MB)