Challenges in UV Astronomy, ESO Garching, 7-11 October 2013

Scientific Programme

Day 1: Monday, 7 October 2013
08:30-09:00 Registration  
  Welcome to the UV!  
09:00 A. I. Gómez de Castro
NUVA & space
09:15 B. Barbuy CUBES & ground
Solar System, Exoplanets & Star Formation (Session chair: L. Testi)
09:30 G. Herczeg
Challenges in Star Formation research for the UV light (Invited Review)
10:00 C. Schneider The high-energy view of the classical T-Tauri DG Tau
10:15 C.F. Manara The imprint of accretion on the UV spectrum of young stellar objects: the X-Shooter view
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 D. Sing
Challenges in Exoplanet research for the UV (Invited Review)
11:30 K. France The UV radiation environment of the Habitable Zones around low-mass exoplanet host stars
11:45 L. Fossati Near-UV HST observations of the transiting exoplanet WASP-12b
12:00 Lunch
  Stellar Astronomy
(Session chair: L. Pasquini)
13:30 M. Salaris
Unsolved problems in stellar evolution (Invited Review)
14:00 C. Siqueira-Mello The origin of r-process elements (Invited Talk)
14:30 P. Bonifacio
CNO elements (Invited Talk)
15:00 J. Melendez Disentagling the signature of planets and neutron-capture enrichment using UV/optical spectroscopy
15:15 M. Barstow Far-UV spectroscopy of white dwarfs
15:30 P. Brown Ultraviolet observations of supernovae
15:45 Coffee Break  
  UV projects from the ground and space (Session chair: F. Kerber)
16:15 L. Bianchi Review of GALEX results (Review Talk)
16:45 End of Day 1  

Welcome Reception at ESO

Day 2: Tuesday, 8 October 2013
  Stellar Astronomy (continued) (Session chair: L. Pasquini)
09:00 B. Gaensicke
The chemistry of exo-terrestrial material in evolved planetary systems
09:15 R. Smiljanic Beryllium (Invited Talk)
  Coffee and Poster Pops
09:45   Put up posters in the Council Room
10:30   Poster Pops (4 minutes presentation/ 2 slides)
12:00   Look at posters in the Council Room
12:30 Lunch
  Resolved stellar populations (Session chair: B. Barbuy)
14:00 E. Sabbi
Young stellar clusters in the UV (Invited Review)
14:30 A. Renzini
Globular clusters (Invited Review)
15:00 E. Dalessandro Old stellar systems in UV: resolved and integrated properties
15:15 Coffee Break
  UV projects from the ground and space (continued) (Session chair: F. Kerber)
15:45 L. Pasquini
Ground based UV opportunities at ESO (Invited Talk)
16:15 End of Day 2
Day 3: Wednesday, 9 October 2013
  Resolved stellar populations (continued) (Session chair: B. Barbuy)
K. McQuinn
Stellar populations in nearby galaxies (Invited Review)
10:00 D. Bettoni
The UV view of early type galaxies
10:15 P. Bonifacio UV Observations of stars in dwarf galaxies
Coffee Break  
  Interstellar medium and nebulae (Session chair: J. Melnick)
11:00 M. de Avillez
Impact of UV observations in understanding the ISM (Invited Review)
    Contributed Talks ISM & Nebulae (HII regions; planetary; etc.)
11:30 J. Linsky The Local ISM in Three Dimensions: Morphology, Kinematics and Physical Processes
11:45 A. I. Gómez de Castro The GALEX survey of the Taurus Star Forming Region: studying the extinction law by means of star counts
12:00 Lunch
  Future Space Missions (Session chair: F. Kerber)
13:30 A. I. Gómez de Castro
The next ESA large UV Mission (Invited Talk)
13:50 P. Coté
CASTOR (Invited Talk)
14:10 J. Hutchings
UVIT on AstroSat (Invited Talk)
14:30 B. Shustov
WSO/UV (Invited Talk)
14:50 T. Hull The Galaxy Evolution Spectroscopic Explorer
15:05 C. Neiner The UVMag space project
15:20 Coffee Break  
15:50 N. Brosch Post-GALEX small UV mission (sUVo)
16:05 D. Valls-Gabaud MESSIER: unveiling the UV-optical low surface brightness universe
  Solar system missions with UV instruments (Session chair: F. Kerber)
16:20 L. Koechlin The Fresnel Interferometer Project (Invited Talk)
16:50 End of Day 3  
  Conference Dinner
Day 4: Thursday, 10 October 2013
  Extragalactic astronomy (Session chair: J. Vernet)
09:00 S. White
Galaxy Formation (Invited Review)
09:30 D. Kunth
Lyman Alpha galaxies (Invited Talk)
10:00 D. de Mello The ultraviolet morphology of distant galaxies
10:15 C. Le Cras The UV side of BOSS galaxies
10:30 T. Woods UV emission lines in passively evolving galaxies can reveal the progenitors of type Ia supernovae
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 A. Marconi
AGN (Invited Review)
11:45 P. Molaro
QSO lines of sight (Invited Talk)
12:15 P. Marziani Diagnostics from UV spectra of low redshift quasars
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Technologies and Archives (Session organizers assist the SOC in the talk selection and write a comprehensive review of what was presented for NUVA)
  Detectors: Session organized by M. Barstow
  J. Hennessy: Detectors and Coatings for Efficient Systems for Future UV Astronomy
  S. Leach: High-resolution high-rate photon-counting UV detectors using adaptive electronics
14:45 Optics and optical elements: Session organized by K. France
  P. Bristow: CUBES Parameters
  A. Shugarov: UV and VUV detectors for spectrographs of WSO-UV project
15:30 Coffee Break
  Assembly, Integration, Verification (AIV) for vacuum UV: Session organized by J. Chirivella
16:00 J. Chirivella: AIV Session Overview
16:05 J. Chirivella: UV Flight Instruments Technology: "The Impact of Contamination on AIV of UV Flight Instruments"
16:20 K. France: Hubbly/COS: "Cosmic Origins Spectrograph AIV"
16:35 J. Hutchings: ASTROSAT/UVIT AIV
16:50 M. Sachkov: WSO/UV AIV Procedures
17:05 J. Linsky: IUE AIV and Mission Concept
17:20 End of Day 4  
Day 5: Friday, 11 October 2013

Calibrations and Archival Research:

Session organized by N. Brosch

  D. Baines Arichval Science with the ESAC Archives
  J. Holberg Absolute Photometric Calibration in Space and Ground
  V. Yershov Serendipitous catalogues for 10 years of XMM and 5 years of SWIFT
  F. Kerber Flat fielding for ground-based UV spectrographs
  I. Savanov WSO/UV ground-based support of space observations in Russia
  I. Savanov The Astron UV space mission
  M. Romaniello The ESO Science Archive Facility
11:00 R. O'Connell
Highlights of the conference
12:30 End of Conference
Bier & Brezn