Astrotomography II - Imaging at the micro-arcsecond scale


The workshop has been postponed until further notice. More information will be provided when available




Santiago, Chile, December 10 - 13, 2013


Goal of this Workshop

Astrotomography is a generic term for indirect mapping techniques that can be applied to a huge variety of astrophysical systems, ranging from planets via single stars and binaries to active galactic nuclei. With this workshop we aim at consolidating the success of a previous workshop dedicated to this topic, and plan to bring together people from different communities but who use similar techniques to construct images at very high angular resolution. In the time since the first workshop, the scientific output of the astrotomography methods has been considerable, the range of applications becoming larger and larger with time.
It is thus timely to review these methods, the progress in the field, the new harvest of results that were collected, as well as to prepare the next generation of astronomers to use these tools.

The workshop, spread over 3 days and held at the ESO-Chile headquarters in Santiago, will consist of extended invited reviews, with ample time for contributing talks and discussions, and space for posters.

An additional day is planned as a “hands-on” workshop to train the techniques in small groups, using the various methods and applied to real data.


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Astrotomography II

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