Scientific Rationale

The summer school "Science and Technology with E-ELT" will provide a comprehensive training in both science and the technologies used to deliver astronomical results.

The scientific lectures will cover the full range of E-ELT science cases from diffraction limited monitoring of solar system objects to the expansion of the Universe via exoplanets and stellar population studies. "Hands on" sessions will be offerede in techniques including crowded-region photometry to the analysis of integral field spectroscopic data and simulations of observations with adaptive optics systems.

Main Science Topics include

    Our Solar System
    Extrasolar Planets
    Resolved Stellar Populations
    Unresolved Stellar Populations
    Stellar archaeology
    Stellar Tomography
    Protoplanetary Disks
    Compact Objects and Black Holes/Active Galactic Nuclei
    The Transitient Universe
    Galaxy Formation and Evolution
    The High-redshift Universe

Tutorial sessions are planned in

    Crowded field photometry
    Integral field spectroscopy
    Optical/NIR/MIR spectroscopy
    High time resolution