Third Announcement

                       THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT

STEEL: International PhD School on Science and Technology with the E-ELT
Erice (Sicily, Italy) October 8-20, 2015

School web pages:

The School Directors, after examining candidates' registration forms and motivations,

have written down a list of those who will receive a full grant, as well as a list of those

who will receive a half grant.

Remaining students will have to cover all costs (travel+lodging and food).

All candidates will be individually contacted by e-mail.

The full grant, which covers the cost for the entire school is 600euros.

This includes:

a) pick up from and to the airport and/or the train stations of Palermo \& Trapani;
b) coffee and tea break;
c) welcome reception;
d) lunch and dinner in local contracted restaurants (no drinks);
e) lodging either in the guest house of the school on in local contracted hotels.
f) social dinner;
g) social excursion and other social activities.

Half-grant is 300euros. Students will have to pay 300 euros

The deadline for online payment through Paypal and/or credit card is September 27.
The web page for payment, starting from  is the following:


Please find enclosed a payment form which you can fill in and send to the address indicated below:
fax: +39-055/2752270

*** NEWS ***   

In case you cannot pay your fee either through Paypal or a credit card, you can make a bank transfer directly to the Fondazione Majorana in Erice.

Here are their bank details




STREET:              Via Garibaldi 9 - 91100 Trapani, Italy

IBAN:                    IT 47 I 02008 16407 000600000655


In this case, please remember that BANK FEES are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY:
the Fondazione Majorana should receive the net amount of 600 or 300 euros.
Please send the receipt of your bank transfer to the address:

Finally, students can pay their registration fee CASH at the School desk on October 9.

Typically the rooms are either double or triple and the participants are strongly
encouraged to find their room-mates. If you do not find a roommate, the School Management
will combine rooms and names.

Students will be shown their rooms upon arrival.
We strongly encourage the participants to stay for the entire duration of the school.

For those participants who plan to stay for  half (six nights) or shorter periods, the cost of the school is 500 euros.

Both students and teachers should give us by e-mail ( the following details by September 27:

Date of arrival
Flight number
Time of Arrival
Date of departure
Flight number
Time of departure

Thus the School Management will organize pick-up for everyone.

If you do not give us these details, no pick-up can be arranged.

Those students who need a VISA in order to travel to Italy should tell us beforehand by email,

so that we can send them a VISA request form and an invitation letter, if required.


The final program of the School together with practical information
concerning the logistics will be circulated before the middle of September.

Please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address: