Workshop Excursion - Tuesday 24 March


On Tuesday afternoon we will have an excursion to the Matetic vineyard in the Casablanca region. This will include lunch, wine-tasting and other activities.

We will depart ESO at 12:40, right after the morning session. It is therefore important that the morning session ends on time. Buses will leave promptly at 12:40. The bus trip will take just over 1 hour.

On arrival at the Matetic vineyard we will have lunch. As for the other days, a separate menu will be available for vegetarians and those who have informed us of other dietary requirements. Please wear your name badge with the meal-type label given to you at registration, to help the restaurant staff identify you.

After lunch we will have a wine tasting tour, followed by an activity called "Mezcla en Accion" where the sommeliers will show us how to blend the different grapes and we'll have the chance to make our own wine blend. The sommeliers will judge our efforts and award a prize to the winning team!

The lunch and wine-tasting/making activities are free of cost to participants.

Those who do not want to participate in the wine-tasting/making will have the option to sign up for another activity (e.g. horse-riding or walking), at an additional cost. We will let you know details at the start of the meeting.

We will ask you fill out a sign-up sheet that will be available in the conference room during the Monday sessions, in order to confirm how many participants will attend the excursion and how many wish to sign up for alternative activities at the vineyard.

Buses will depart Matetic at 18:45 and we will return to the Santiago ESO office at around 20:00.