VLT Adaptive Optics Community Days Garching 2016

ESO Garching, 20-21 September 2016


ESO is considering building an adaptive optics instrument to make best use of the Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) which is commissioned in the coming years. The Community Days are an opportunity to discuss the science cases of future AO instrumentation at ESO with a goal to develop such a science case for a VLT instrument to be built in the next years and become operational before 2025.

The VLT already offers a range of high angular resolution and high contrast instruments and the E-ELT will expand these capabilities even further. The VLT AO Community Days shall explore the future needs of the community in an open discussion. Potential development directions are NIR multi-conjugate AO, optical AO, extreme AO and multi-object AO.

The programme will combine focussed presentations with discussion sessions to identify the science to be done in the next decade. The meeting is open to all interested people.

ESO will present the conclusions of the discussions to its Scientific Technical Committee (STC) for recommendation of the future VLT AO instrumentation. A wide participation will ensure that we discuss all possibilities and provide the tools for the most exciting future research to our community.