• Thursday, 09.07.2020
  • Friday, 10.07.2020
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  • Tuesday, 14.07.2020

Thursday, 9 July
Joe Liske (chair)
12:00 Welcome [TALK1] [TALK2] [VIDEO1] [VIDEO2] Bruno Leibundgut / Roelof de Jong
12:15 Stellar Multiplicity at Sub-Solar Metallicity [TALK]
Hugues Sana
12:35 4MOST survey of dwarf galaxies and their stellar streams (4DWARFS): Small but fundamental [TALK] [VIDEO]
Asa Skuladottir
12:55 4MOST Scientific Operations [TALK] [VIDEO]
Jakob Walcher
13:10 Survey Strategy / 4FS [TALK] [VIDEO] Peder Norberg
13:40 Coffee break  
Sofia Feltzing (chair)
13:55 Tiling, fibre allocation and scheduling algorithms [TALK] [VIDEO]
Elmo Tempel
ETC algorithms and assumptions [TALK] [VIDEO]
Genoveva Micheva, Wing-Fai Thi
14:55 4MOST Gaia RRLyrae Survey (4GRoundS) [TALK]
Rodrigo Ibata
15:15 Chilean AGN/Galaxy Extragalactic 4MOST Survey (ChANGES) [TALK]
Franz Bauer
15:35 End  
15:50 Social gatherings in zoom break-out rooms

Friday, 10 July
11:15 Social gatherings in zoom break-out rooms
Jakob Walcher (chair)
12:00 4HS: The 4MOST Hemisphere Survey of the Nearby Universe [TALK] [VIDEO]
Michelle Cluver, Edward Taylor
12:20 Understanding the evolution of close white dwarf binaries [TALK] [VIDEO]
Odette Toloza
12:40 4SLSLS: The 4MOST Strong Lens Spectroscopic Legacy Survey [TALK]
Thomas Collett
13:00 What community PIs need to provide: target catalogues, templates, FoM, SSC, etc.  [TALK] [VIDEO]
Andrea Merloni, Johan Comparat, Wing-Fai Thi
13:45 Coffee break
Kate Maguire (chair)
14:00 Application and selection process [TALK] [VIDEO]
Vincenzo Mainieri
14:20 Schedule beyond proposals and required resources [TALK] [VIDEO]
Sofia Feltzing
14:50 4SITE: 4MOST survey of Stars In Their Environments [TALK] [VIDEO]
Nicholas Wright
15:10 The 4MOST Survey of Young Stars (4SYS) [TALK]
Giuseppe Sacco
15:30 End
15:45 Social gatherings in zoom break-out rooms
Monday, 13 July
Luke Davies (chair)
12:00 Question / discussion session
12:20 Blind Euclid Structure Tracer with 4MOST (BEST4MOST) Survey [TALK]
Alexis Finoguenov
12:40 The 4MOST–Gaia Unbiased Quasar Legacy Survey [TALK]
Jens-Kristian Krogager
13:00 L1 pipeline, calibrations [TALK] [VIDEO]
Mike Irwin, Genoveva Micheva
13:30 Coffee break  
Diane Feuillet (chair)
4SP: 4MOST Selection Functions Pipeline [TALK] [VIDEO]
Elmo Tempel
14:15 White dwarf plus main sequence binaries as astrophysical tools in modern astronomy [TALK] [VIDEO]
Alberto Rebassa
Optical, Radio Continuum and HI Deep Spectroscopic Survey (ORCHIDSS) [TALK]
Kenneth Duncan
14:55 Transform our Understanding of the Baryon Cycle with High- Resolution Quasar Spectroscopy [TALK] [VIDEO]
Celine Peroux
15:15 4C3R2: ​4​MOST ​C​omplete ​C​alibration of the ​C​olor-​Re​dshift ​R​elation [TALK] [VIDEO]
Daniel Gruen
15:35 End  
15:50 Social gatherings in zoom break-out rooms
Tuesday, 14 July
11:15 Social gatherings in zoom break-out rooms
Else Starkenburg (chair)
12:00 Spectroscopic Discovery of Binaries with Dormant Black Holes
Michał Pawlak
12:20 4MOST-StePS (A Stellar Population Survey using 4MOST) Survey type: Participating Community Survey [TALK]
Angela Iovino
12:40 Stellar Clusters in the 4MOST footprint [TALK]
S. Lucatello, A. Vallerani, A. Bragaglia
13:00 4XP: 4MOST Extragalactic Pipeline and data products [VIDEO]
Luke Davies
13:30 Coffee break  
Vincenzo Mainieri (chair)
4GP: 4MOST Galactic Pipeline and data products [TALK] [VIDEO]
Ross Church
14:15 Demonstration session and tutorial on 4FS-WI [TUTORIALS]
Jake Laas, Wing-Fai Thi
CHANCES: CHileAN Cluster galaxy Evolution Survey [TALK]
Christopher Haines
15:05 Question / discussion session [VIDEO]
15:35 End