Submission of abstracts deadline: 15 January 2020

Notification of talk selection: 01 February 2020

Registration deadline: 15 February 2020

The final programme will be posted middle of February.

Preliminary Programme Overview

Monday, March 30
Past, present and future of thermal-IR instruments at ESO and other observatories
  Ulli Käufl Special commemorative talk: On the history of ground-based thermal-IR astronomy
  Sascha Quanz Review of science highlights from ground-based thermal-IR astronomy (Invited Talk)
  Bernhard Brandl, Chris Packham Thermal-IR astronomy with the ELTs: METIS+MICHI (Invited Talk)
  Nancy Levenson (tbc) Future of space-based thermal-IR (Invited Talk) 
Solar system object and exoplanets in the thermal IR
  Leigh Fletcher Jupiter and Saturn in the thermal infrared (Invited Talk)
  Anne-Lise Maire Ground-based planet characterization with NEAR (Invited Talk)
  Denis Defrère LBT/LMIRCAM and the HOSTS survey (Invited Talk)
Tuesday, March 31
Star formation (dust, protostellar disks, young stellar objects, brown dwarfs and low mass stars)
Planet formation, protoplanetary disks
  Colette Salyk T Tauris stars, gas and water lines (Invited Talk)
  Gwendolyn Meeus Herbig stars / dust / OI/CO observations (Invited Talk)
Dust factories: low/intermediate mass (AGB, PN), high-mass (RSG, LBV, WR, SN); evolved stars (AGB, PN, WR), dusty shells, dust production
  Andrea Mehner Heavy stars (Invited Talk)
Wednesday, April 01
Galactic Center and compact stellar objects
  Rainer Schödel The Galactic Center (Invited Talk)
Extragalactic star formation, dusty galaxies (LIRG/ULIRG); active galaxies (AGN, QSO), hot galaxy disks
  Almudena Alonso-Herero The AGN torus and beyond (Invited Talk)
  (tbc) Star-forming galaxies (Invited Talk)
Thursday, April 02
Technological developments / calibration challenges I
  Dani Atkinson Novel detector developments -- the Teledyne/Geosnap characterisation programme (Invited Talk)
  Olivier Absil Advanced data reduction methods (Invited Talk)
  Markus Kasper The NEAR experiment  (Invited Talk) 
  Takashi Miyata Ground-based thermal-IR astronomy at 5km altitude: TAO/MIMIZUKU (Invited Talk) 
  Sergio José Fernández Acosta GTC/Canaricam: Recommissioning (Invited Talk)
  Discussion session I  
    90 min (tbc): divide in groups to discuss on specific topics
    90 min (tbc): reports and discussions in the plenary
Friday, April 03
Technological developments / calibration challenges I
  Willem-Jan De Wit Lessons learned from VISIR -- calibrations, operations, upgrades (Invited Talk)
  Alain Smette Telluric calibration with atmospheric models (Invited Talk)
  Discussion session II  
    90 min (tbc): divide in groups to discuss on specific topics
    90 min (tbc): reports and discussions in the plenary