Programme Description

ESO Summer Research Programme Content

The primary focus of the programme will be to complete a defined research project under the supervision of an ESO astronomer. The student will be expected to write a short report at the end of the programme. They will also present their results as a talk and poster at a mini-conference in the ESO Headquarters at the end of the programme. 

In addition to completing the research project, all students will participate in activities that develop their professional skills and allow them to integrate into ESO scientific life. This will include:

  • A series of lectures led by astronomers and engineers:
    (1) Introductions to ESO, its telescopes and instruments;
    (2) 4-6 lectures covering astronomy and technical topics.
  • Strong integration into ESO science activities e.g.,
    (1) Daily science coffee to meet other ESO astronomers;
    (2) Attending at least one science talk/seminar per week;
    (3) Attending the weekly journal club;
    (4) A visit to the Integration hall in the technical building;
    (5) A visit to the ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Centre.
  • A mini-conference at ESO Headquarters in the last days to present a talk and a poster to the wider ESO staff.