The ESOFORM Package

The ESOFORM package consists of:

  • a set of LaTeX class and style files that define all macros needed to complete Phase 1 proposals for Normal Programmes and Large Programmes;
  • proposal templates for Normal Programmes and Large Programmes;
  • the ESOFORM Users Manual.

Please note that you require an ESO User Portal account in order to download and subsequently submit regular P96 proposals (96A) for the ESO telescopes or DDT proposals (labelled as 95Z).
You can download and submit proposals using the following link:

Once you have logged in, you should select the item called "Download ESOFORM packages" under the Phase 1 menu items. By selecting this you can download the required ESOFORM package. In order to submit, select "Submit a proposal" from the same menu. You should then upload the LaTeX file of your proposal and follow the rest of the upload instructions.

Please note that each user is allowed to have only one User Portal account; multiple accounts should not be created or used by the same user. Failure to comply with this restriction may lead to rejection by ESO of the proposals of the offending PI.

In the proposal form you must now identify institution codes instead of institution names for Co-Is. These codes can be selected from the pull down menus in the Institute Code Lists.

IMPORTANT: any updates about the use of the ESOFORM package for the current Period are available in the Late Breaking News Web page. All users should check this page before submitting their Phase I proposals.

If you have any questions about this page, please contact