Life in the Desert ALMA site Around the Alma Site Life in the Desert Desert Flowers ALMA site E-ELT Active Segmented Mirror
Menonvillea Plants in the Desert Paranal Liquid Nitrogen Facility Menonvillea Desert Flowers ALMA site ALMA Antenna Docking Pad
The ALMA Array - 3D Rendering ALMA site Atacama Plants ALMA site The two ALMA antennas The Ultra Luminous Merger IRAS 06035-7102 The Merging System Arp 220
Fragment B of Comet SW-3 The Distant Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 050904 "First Fringes" with two ATs SINFONI Observations of the AGN Galaxy NGC 7469 The Nucleus of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko The Crab Nebula FORS2 at KUEYEN
Coated MELIPAL Mirror Lifting the Mirror Control Building and Satellite Antenna Arrival at the MELIPAL Enclosure 8.2-m Zerodur Mirror Resting in its Cell Lifting of the Mirror Cell 8.2-m Zerodur Mirror
8.2-m Zerodur Mirror 8.2-m Zerodur Mirror: Protective Layer Removal Lowering of the M3 MELIPAL Mirror Inspecting the Reflective Surface Coating Chamber FORS2: Testing and Assembly Approaching the Platform
Dummy M1 Cell Dummy M1 Cell is Stored M1 Cell with Dummy Mirror M1 Cell Meets MELIPAL Structure M1 Cell M1 Cell transport Active Mirror Supports in VLT M1 Cell
(UV-B) Colour Index in NGC 1232 VLT Mechanical Structure VLT Unit Telescope 1 A Rotating Giant Cloud around An Infant Galaxy Swan Bands in Bright Comet 1995 Q1 southern spiral galaxy NGC 5236 Comet Halley at 1,250 million kilometres
A Gravitational Einstein Ring The Gravitational Lens System UM673 The new planetarium and exhibition centre at ESO Headquarters Part of the VVV view of the bulge of the Milky Way from ESO's VISTA One of the test CCD detectors for the ESPRESSO instrument ALMA and VLT image of comet factory around Oph-IRS 48 Giacconi
Adaptive Optics at Play VLT Auxiliary Telescopes Assembly of the ESO 1-metre telescope Gully at ALMA site Media interviews during ESO's VLT first light press conference Journalist at ESO's VLT first light press conference Guests at the ALMA inauguration on a transporter
Cover of booklet describing Atacama elders' vision of the cosmos 50 Years of ESO - Group Photo Students at ESO headquarters in Garching Part of the supernova remnant SN 1006 seen with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope The green bean galaxy J2240 (annotated) EIROforum General Assembly 2012 Book cover "The Jewel on the Mountaintop"
Hot and brilliant O stars in star-forming regions An Oasis for Astronomers (side-by-side composite) VLTI tunnel VLTI tunnel ALMA antenna in the desert Poster of Café & Kosmos 12 June 2012 Screenshot of ESOcast 44
The laser frequency comb in action OmegaCam on the VST Staff Quarters at La Silla Farewell at Pelicano Reception at the Guesthouse The Library of the ESO Santiago Office in 1969 Inauguration of the Pelicano Airstrip
The Sky Atlas Laboratory at CERN Pioneering Astronomical Watch Launched at ESO’s Paranal Observatory SLODAR Instrument at Paranal Lore in Training A Muse for the VLT South America Map ESO The TechFilm 2010 Award of the International Association for Media in Science
Wide Field Imager image of Westerlund 1 (annotated) Construction of ALMA
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