CAPjournal 15

The July 2014 edition of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal includes the following:

  • Editorial
  • Explained in 60 Seconds: Timescales of Stellar Oscillations
  • Tactile Sun: Bringing an Invisible Universe to the Visually Impaired
  • Here, There & Everywhere: Science through Metaphor, Near and Far
  • Using Survey Data to Inform Best Practice of Engagement with New Audiences
  • Reaching the Remote: Astronomy Outreach in Rural Mexico
  • Reaching for the Stars in your Golden Years: The Importance of Outreach for Senior Citizens
  • Camping Under the Stars: The ESO Astronomy Camp 2013
  • Streaming Astronomical Events for Public Viewings: The 2009 Total Eclipse in Japan
  • The Fingerprint of the Stars: An Astronomy Lab On Spectroscopy
  • City–City Correlations to Introduce Galaxy–Galaxy Correlations
  • The University of Washington Mobile Planetarium: A Do-it-yourself Guide

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