Threats from the surroundings: Structure of the online e-workshop, participation options, and technical considerations

The format of this e-workshop

This e-workshop aims at stimulating discussions on the topic of the impact of the environment on the evolution of protoplanetary discs and on the formation of planets. The discussions will happen in real-time during video conferencing during the sessions outlined in the programme, as well as during "offline" discussions through individual or topical chat and calls. 

The software currently being tested for this e-workshop format is Microsoft Teams. This tool offers both the possibility to have video conferences with a large number of participants, as well as the possibility to chat individually or in channels, and to start video calls from these chats. The tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it can also be run from a browser. Access to the live events will be given to all participants, while the "offline" chat will be offered also to a limited number of participants, about 60 (to be confirmed).

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The two ways to participate to this e-workshop

We foresee two different kind of participation to the workshop:

A) TALKING PARTICIPANTS: these participants, including invited speakers and invited discussion leaders, will have access to the Microsoft Teams group, and they will be able to participate to both the real-time and the "offline" discussion sessions. During the live sessions these participants will be able to ask questions by voice (hence "talking" participants). The access to the Teams group will also facilitate their interactions with the other participants, which will be possible through chats or video calls on Teams. If you want to be a talking participant, please fill in the registration form and submit an abstract to either a talk or an e-poster. Full participation requests will be reviewed by the SOC and approved based on scientific relevance to the e-workshop, considering all career stages and reflecting diversity

B) WATCHERS PARTICIPANTS: participants who only would like to attend the real-time talks, whilst still having the possibility to ask questions during these talks via chat. The links to the Microsoft Teams real-time sessions will be circulated to the registered watchers a few days before the event. If you would like to attend the talks, please fill in the registration form without submitting any abstract for talk or e-poster, but selecting the box at the end of the form: "I only want to participate to the live events".  


To maintain discussions also outside of the real-time events, we have established a Microsoft Teams team. The talking participants will have access to this team before, during, and after the dates of the e-workshop. Different channels will be created to drive the discussion. 

Access to our Microsoft Teams team is available for registered full participants only, and invitations to this team will be sent out before the event by e-mail. Please note that Microsoft Teams requires signing up for free using the e-mail address to which we send the invitation. Please provide us with the e-mail you are already using for this software, if applicable, in order to avoid clashes. 

Daily real-time sessions

The conference will consist of three real-time sessions, one per day from 10 to 12 November 2020. Each day's session will begin at 13:50 UTC and end at 16:30 UTC. The programme is available here

For reference, this means from 5:50 - 8:30 Pacific Standard Time, 6:50 - 9:30 Arizona, 8:50 - 11:30 Eastern Standard Time, 10:50 - 13:30 Chile, 13:50 - 16:30 UK, 14:50 - 17:30 Central European Time, 22:50 - 1:30(+1) Japan Standard Time and middle of Australia, and 00:50(+1) - 3:30(+1) Australian Eastern Time.


We foresee the possibility to present e-posters, to be shown on dedicated channels on Teams, and posted online. The format of the e-posters is described here.