Threats from the Surroundings: Poster Papers




1 Aly, Hossam  Warp propagation in dusty discs  DI PDF m4v
2 Ansdell, Megan An ALMA survey of lambda Orionis disks: from supernovae to planet formation EP PDF  
4 Boyden, Ryan Gaseous Circumstellar Disks in the Orion Nebula Cluster EP PDF GIF
5 Damian, Belinda Testing the role of external UV radiation on the form of IMF at the low-mass end in young clusters EP PDF  
6 Guarcello, Mario Photoevaporation of protoplanetary disks in Cygnus OB2 EP   VIDEO
7 Gupta, Saumya Circumstellar Disk Evolution: A multiwavelength study in the extreme environment of Cygnus OB2 EP   VIDEO
8 Harsono, Daniel The inherited molecular layer of a young disk: the case of TMC1A LP PDF  
9 Haworth, Thomas Model and observations of externally photoevaporating protoplanetary discs EP   VIDEO
10 Huang, Jane Large-scale CO spiral arms and complex kinematics associated with the T Tauri star RU Lup LP PDF  
11 Lichtenberg, Tim Earliest compositional bifurcation of planetary building blocks LP
12 Manara, Carlo F. Anatomy of proplyds: the MUSE Narrow-Field Mode view EP    
13 Maucó, Karina A Spectroscopic Study of External Photoevaporation in the σ Orionis Cluster EP   VIDEO
14 Maureira, Maria Jose Gas and Stellar Kinematics of the Young Binary System IRAS 16293-2422 A DI PDF  
15 Miley, James The impact of pre-main sequence evolution on the initial conditions for planet formation LP   VIDEO
16 Nealon, Rebecca Spirals; shadows and precession in HD100453: the orbit of the outer binary and the hidden companion DI PDF GIF
17 Pineda, Jaime Streamers feeding two young disks LP    
18 Rab, Christian On the role of X-ray background fields for the chemistry of protoplanetary disks LP PDF VIDEO
19 Rigliaco, Elisabetta The circumstellar environment of EXLup and RCrA LP PDF  
20 Rota, Alessia Annie Observational constraints on gas and dust protoplanetary disc radii in Taurus multiple systems DI PDF  
21 Silvia Vicente Photon-dominated Regions (PDRs) in proplyds EP PDF VIDEO