Threats from the Surroundings: Poster Papers

2 Ansdell, Megan An ALMA survey of lambda Orionis disks: from supernovae to planet formation
4 Boyden, Ryan Gaseous Circumstellar Disks in the Orion Nebula Cluster
5 Damian, Belinda Testing the role of external UV radiation on the form of IMF at the low-mass end in young clusters
6 Guarcello, Mario Photoevaporation of protoplanetary disks in Cygnus OB2
7 Gupta, Saumya Circumstellar Disk Evolution: A multiwavelength study in the extreme environment of Cygnus OB2
9 Haworth, Thomas Model and observations of externally photoevaporating protoplanetary discs
12 Manara, Carlo F. Anatomy of proplyds: the MUSE Narrow-Field Mode view
13 Maucó, Karina A Spectroscopic Study of External Photoevaporation in the σ Orionis Cluster
21 Silvia Vicente Photon-dominated Regions (PDRs) in proplyds