Threats from the surroundings: Programme

Draft Program Overview


Live session will run from 13:50 UTC to 16:30 UTC.

For reference, this means from 5:50 - 8:30 Pacific Standard Time, 6:50 - 9:30 Arizona, 8:50 - 11:30 Eastern Standard Time, 10:50 - 13:30 Chile, 13:50 - 16:30 UK, 14:50 - 17:30 Central European Time, 22:50 - 1:30(+1) Japan Standard Time and middle of Australia, and 00:50(+1) - 3:30(+1) Australian Eastern Time.

Length of the talks:

- Invited reviews: 25 minutes + 5 minutes for questions

- Invited talks: 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions

- Contributed talks: 12 minutes + 3 minutes for questions

Tuesday, November 10
13:45 UTC Welcome & Intro    
      Session Chair: Monika Petr-Gotzens
  SESSION 1   Dynamical interactions
14:00 UTC Megan Reiter Invited review Dynamical interactions in young stellar clusters [PDF]
14:30 Christina Schoettler   Double trouble: Protoplanetary systems may experience more than one dense star-forming environment
14:45 Nicolás Cuello   Ongoing flyby in the young multiple system UX Tauri [PDF[VIDEO]
15:00 Break    
15:10 Rachel Akeson Invited talk Observations of disks in multiple stellar systems
15:30 Nelson Ndugu  Invited talk Planet formation in clusters [PDF[VIDEO]
15:50 DISCUSSION   External dynamics and planet formation, led by G. Rosotti and S. Pfalzner

End of the day

Wednesday, November 11
13:50 UTC Welcome & Intro    
      Session Chair: Megan Ansdell 
  SESSION 2   External photoevaporation
14:00 UTC Andrew Winter Invited review External photoevaporation in different environments [PDF] [VIDEO]
14:30 Sierk van Terwisga   Losing weight with SODA: the impact of environment on disk mass in Orion A
14:45 J. Serena Kim Invited talk Observations of external photoevaporation at intermediate UV radiation [PDF] [VIDEO]
15:05 Break    
15:15 Nick Ballering   Measuring Disks and Proplyds in the Orion Nebula Cluster with ALMA at 3 mm [VIDEO]
15:25 Tom Haworth   External photoevaporation in models of planet formation [PDF] [VIDEO]
15:35 Jose Jessy   Role of external UV radiation on disk evolution:  A comparative analysis in two young clusters
15:50 DISCUSSION   External photoevaporation and planet formation, led by S. Facchini & C. Mordasini

End of the day

Thursday, November 12
13:50 UTC Welcome & Intro    
      Session Chair: Paola Pinilla
  SESSION 3   From large scales, to disks, to planets
14:00 UTC Maria Lugaro Invited review Radioactive nuclei from cosmochronology to habitability [PDF] [VIDEO]
14:30 Brandt Gaches   Aluminum-26 Enrichment in the Surface of Protostellar Disks Due to Protostellar Cosmic Rays [PDF] [VIDEO]
14:45 Viviana Guzmán Invited talk Isotopic ratios in protoplanetary disks [VIDEO]
15:05 Break    
15:15 Michael Küffmeier   Shadows in disks caused by late infall [PDF] [VIDEO]
15:30 Allona Vazan  Invited talk From protoplanetary disks to planet composition
15:50 DISCUSSION   The impact of the environment on planet formation, led by C. Clarke & J. Drążkowska

End of the workshop